The Emmoa Foundation held a free Emotional Intelligence workshop for approximately 70 youths from various communities in Accra on Saturday, 18 May 2019. Qualified trainers were on board to facilitate this workshop after the successful launch workshop on Personal Effectiveness that took place in March 2019.


‘We decided to focus on Emotional Intelligence for this workshop because we recognize that young people with higher levels of emotional intelligence are more effective at managing themselves and relating to others around them. This can in turn help them to develop increased self-motivation and improve their communication skills which are all essential for supporting the Youth in becoming fully realized, functional and effective members of society.’


‘Emmoa Foundation’s position has always been that the Youth have all the answers themselves, this manifested itself very clearly during the Personal Effectiveness interactive workshop that took place in March 2019. The responsiveness, intelligence and enthusiasm of the youth is unquantifiable. We simply seek to provide a platform that assists them in unleashing their great potential in order to realize what they are really capable of and give back to their communities.’


Emmoa Foundation is a non-profit organization incorporated in Accra and run by volunteers. It currently seeks to empower youths by running Personal and Professional Development Workshops.