The Light a Mosque/Feed a Soul initiative started in Ramadan 2021 when it was announced that there would be power cuts during the last 10 days of Ramadan. Many people spend time in the mosques during this most sacred time of Ramadan and were concerned that their worship and recitation would be impeded by the lack of lighting. Various communities appealed to us to help them out. We started to fundraise and have been above thus far to buy over 150 power torches for various mosques in various communites Accra. 

The Feed a Soul initiative was a continuation of our food drives which were intensified during this month, when alot of people were fasting but did not have enough to break their fast. We fundraised to be able to cook food to give to people in communities at the time of breaking their fast and also to be able to distribute our food packs which last a family of four for one to two weeks. The response from our donors has been overwhelming. We will be continuing with our food drives as we see that there are a lot of people struggling to get one meal to eat. Things have clearly worsened during the pandemic. We look forward to working with all our partners to do our bit to make things better for all.