about us

In 2014 a group of women got together to start seeking Islamic Knowledge, recite and understand the meanings of the Quran. The women were from various countries and varying backgrounds. The one thing they had in common was their love for Islam and their desire to gather and recite the Quran, seek Islamic Knowledge and help the less privileged where possible. The community work began with helping orphans with food. This started with one orphan by name Suleiman. There was a weekly contribution in order his hospital and education needs. Suleiman was born with a physical defect and cannot walk. He walks on his hands. He was 15 when we met him. We were introduced to him through someone in his community. His mother did not have anything to help her son and he needed to undergo surgery. Our weekly contributions were geared towards him. By word of mouth our organization grew. From adopting orphans and taking care of their school fees and hospital bills etc,  the organization then developed into one that, supports more orphans and those in need.  Emmoa also runs various initiatives for the poor and needy during the month of Ramadan.

We have now built boreholes in various communities around Ghana, Alhamdullilah. We seek to give back to our communities in terms of education (vocational training and personal development), Islamic Knowledge, financial support, daily sustenance and infrastructure.